Scholarship Program

Investing in the future of osteopathic medicine in the Pacific Northwest begins by supporting today’s osteopathic medical student. The Foundation’s Scholarship Program helps defray some of the cost of osteopathic medical school.

Scholarships are awarded primarily to students from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington who are committed to practicing osteopathic medicine in the Pacific Northwest.

Since the 1986-87 scholastic school year, the Foundation has awarded over 489 scholarships for a total of $1,642,150.

For a list of all our past scholarship awardees and where they are now, use this link: Scholarship Awardees Hall of Fame.
To donate to our scholarship program, use this link: Foundation Scholarship Fund.

2015-2016 Osteopathic Medical School Scholarship Awardees

Lydia Albjerg; OMS II, Pacific Northwest U COM

Dean Thomas Scandalis DO with Student Doctors Aljberg, Goodeill and Lund

Dean Thomas Scandalis DO with Student Doctors Albjerg, Goodeill and Lund

$5,000 “Wonderful World” Scholarship
Provided by the E.L. “Doc” Burnham Endowment and the Foundation.

Anne Baker Bealer; OMS IV, Pacific Northwest U COM
$5,000 Alaska Osteopathic Scholarship
Provided by Stephen Saunders, Nancy Kragt, DO, DOs from the state of Alaska and the Foundation

Sindi Diko; OMS-II, Rocky Vista U COMDika and Lata
$20,000 “Giving Back” Scholarship
Provided by previous scholarship awardees and the Foundation

Amanda Emmert; OMS II, Western U / COMP-NW
$6,000 Mothers’ Florence Scholarship
Provided by Lynne Angel, B.E. Willis, DO and the Foundation

Teigen Goodeill; OMS-II, Pacific Northwest U COM
$5,000 A.V. Jackson, DO Endowment Scholarship
Provided by the A.V. Jackson Endowment and the Foundation

Ruby Hoang; OMS-III, Western U / COMP-NW
$20,000 Willis Women’s Scholarship
Provided by B.E. Willis, DO and the Foundation

Caitlin Lund; OMS-III, Pacific Northwest U COM
$10,000 Washington Osteopathic Med. Assoc. Scholarship
Provided by WOMA and the Foundation

Burk Schaible; OMS-III, Western U / COMP-NW
$10,000 Shirley Carpenter Endowment Scholarship
Provided by the Shirley Carpenter Endowment and the Foundation

Kristen Walton; OMS-III, Western U / COMP-NW
$20,000 Floyd Henry, DO Memorial Scholarship
Provided by the Floyd Henry, DO Scholarship Endowment and the Foundation


The Board of Directors would like to recognize our 2015-2016 Scholarship Selection Team:

Serena Brewer, DO
Wynde Cheek, DO
Bethany Chernich, DO
Marc Cote, DO
David Escobar, DO
Patrick Galvas, DO
Laura Gratton, DO
Donald Grewell, DO
Bruce Hayward, DO
Donald Hudson, DO
Jamie Klippert-Fajardo, DO
Brock McConnehey, DO
Randy Moore, DO
Robert Morse, DO
John Mozena, DPM
Byron Perkins, DO
John T. Pham, DO
Kristen Prewitt, DO
Katina Rue, DO
Howard Scalone, DO
Derrick Sorweide, DO
Danny Spencer, DO
Al Turner, DO