Foundation Awards Nine New Scholarships

The Foundation is pleased to announce our recipients for the 2017-18 academic year!   These outstanding students from the Northwest will be receiving between $5,000 and $20,000 each to help defray some of the costs of osteopathic medical school.

These students are:
  • Hugo Araujo Lino, Idaho, OMS IV, PNWU-COM, A.V. Jackson Scholarship
  • Nichole Aker, Oregon, OMS IV, COMP-Northwest, Willis Women’s Scholarship
  • Kaitlin Campbell, Alaska, OMS III, Liberty University College of Medicine, AKOMA/Alaska Scholarship
  • Brittney VanAusdol, Montana, OMS III, COMP-Northwest, Shirley Carpenter Memorial Endowment
  • Matthew Johnson, Oregon, OMS II, COMP-Northwest, Floyd Henry Scholarship
  • Whitney Wolfe, Oregon, OMS IV, COMP-Northwest, Willis Women’s Scholarship
  • Patrick Erickson, Oregon, OMS III, COMP-Northwest, Wonderful World Scholarship
  • Gregory Herting, Alaska, OMS II, Touro, AKOMA/Alaska Scholarship
  • Ella Kuchmiy, Washington State, OMS III, PNWU, WOMA Scholarship
You can learn more about our scholarship recipients at THIS LINK
This is the 31st year the Foundation has provided tuition scholarships to osteopathic medical school students from the Northwest states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. More than 560 scholarships have been provided over those years. For more information about our program visit

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