Welcome back!  Wow, last week you really responded to what Dr. Rosch had to share with us!  So happy you were interested in taking back your lives!   Well, you are in for a treat…because the next two weeks we are featuring women from your communities that have done just thatIf this doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will.

Please welcome this week’s community blogger, Molly Brady…grab a cup of coffee and let’s see what she has to say….

My name is Molly Brady, I am 29 years old residing in Oregon City, OR. My weight loss journey began when I was a freshman in high school, however I struggled with my weight all through my childhood. I know this because my father had a thing called “picture day” where he made it tradition to take photos of me every 6th of every month since I was born on 2/6/89. He did this without fail! until I was 18 years old. Looking back at some of those photos they were not all “staged shoots” many, if not most of them, were  everyday life, including breakfast before school, or a late night meal. It was in reviewing those photos as an adult that I realized I was predisposed to poor eating habits as a child.
That followed me throughout school, into college and my adult years. In high school my mother and I began the weight loss program Weight Watchers. My highest weight was 245 and I was only able to get down to 203 pounds before my food addiction took over my life.
After that, I was in and out of the diet phase; chasing the dream life of self love, and being comfortable in my own skin. It wasn’t until after high school that my weight became a real issue, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. I had finally accepted who I was. Loved the “curvy girl lifestyle” and told myself that being skinny wasn’t in the cards for me. I went through so many diet phases but the bottom line became two things:  consistency and portion control.
The problem with comfortable in my own skin, flaunting my curves and being happy with my weight was that I was living a lie, as are many. I feel that you can be both comfortable in your self image, and also feel like crap. Trouble sleeping, depression, lack of natural energy, 8am and 3pm coffee runs, energy drinks, anxiety, sleeplessness the list goes on! Not to mention the pain with being overweight. Just how overweight was I when it all ended? 378 pounds.
I remember the day I stepped on the scale and those numbers both crushed me and empowered me at the same time. I had no idea where to go, what to do or how to climb the mountain ahead of me. My journey began in 2012 when I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Once I truly accepted a gluten free lifestyle the weight started to drop, but not enough. I then slowly began to educate myself on food, food addiction and how to mentally prepare myself for the road ahead.
I started setting small goals for myself to live a healthier lifestyle OVERALL. I knew that if I wanted to be skinny I had to live and eat like a skinny person. So I did. I started trying to purchase more organic and natural products including my toothpaste. Instead of making it a privilege or a treat I made it a priority. Then one day my mother introduced me to a program that has changed my life forever. It was the jumpstart I needed to get the rest of my life in order and truly live up to my goals and aspirations. I had a few skeptical judgements at first…we all do after tried attempts at weight loss gigs. But this was real. It was science backed by years in the industry and I finally accepted that after my first cleanse day. This is no ordinary “colon” cleanse. This is a cellular toxin cleanse.
Ever wiped dust on a surface? Replaced your car intake filter? Those same toxins are in your body and then some. And they play a drastic role in your weight, energy and wellbeing. When this little brown box arrived at my door I was skeptical. But now, 3 years later and a total of 5 years later I have lost 180lbs. This program gave me a structure I needed so that I could begin my journey and give me a break to focus on my addiction.
Their body, mind and soul program backed with hundreds of thousands of successful health and wellness stories worldwide in several countries makes this program a true gem amongst a trash can of “been there done that’s” . It gave me the strength and structure I needed, the push to make it to my goals. It gave me a more knowledgeable sense of how my body works, and how I cope with food on a personal level. I now have a brighter outlook on my life. I will enjoy the rest of my life along side my parents; something I had dim views on. I went from a couch life, to enjoying running, strenuous hikes, backpacking and yoga. I now have met the love of my life and we have a beautiful one month old baby girl Ruthie. This is a dream I would have never fathomed a few years ago. I have great faith in this company to support many more thousands of people in their health, fitness and financial goals. If I can overcome it, and you want to, the end is in sight. Contact me to join my growing team of individuals and families who are taking charge of their health and changing their financial blueprin

Now, let’s hear what our guest DO, Dr. Laura Rosch has to say about this plan…but first, a word from our sponsor:

I am happy that Molly found a way that works for her and she is having good results with the path she is on.
As we are all different in so many ways -each of us may require  different types of modifications  in order to reach our goals. For some it may emphasize diet, for others it may require increasing activity.  There are those of us who need help to deal with emotional eating and even learn how to get more sleep and and adopt new behaviors to care for themselves.
One thing I do know is that it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to  improve your health, and  the answer is  likely multi-factorial.  
Educating yourself on the science of weight loss and following safe and proven strategies from acceptable sources is recommended by myself and hopefully your physician. 
I hope that some of the suggestions from  my experiences can be used to help you on your journey. 

About Laura Rosch

Laura M Rosch DO MS, is a board-certified internist for 37 years has been practicing mindfulness since the birth of her eldest daughter 18 years ago. She currently lectures to first year medical students on mindfulness while in medical school. She chairs the Department of Internal Medicine at Midwestern University and is on staff at Northwestern Memorial, where she sees patients part-time for their Urgent Care Centers. Dr. Rosch has taught wellness and group exercise programs for 40 years and is certified by the American Council of Exercise and holds a Food for Life credentials from the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine. She practices Vinyassa Yoga and is working on her certificate to become a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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