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Why Some Osteopathic Physicians Recommend A Homemade Creamer For Your Coffee
Don’t we all love a little cream in our coffee? Americans are reported to consume about 400 million cups of coffee every single day. This is equivalent to about 146 billion cups of coffee annually, putting the United States in the lead when it comes to coffee consumption. While too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, your favorite cup of joe in the morning qualifies as beneficial to your overall health and well-being. That is, of course, until you disrupt the health-boosting effects of coffee’s anti-oxidant-rich polyphenols and anti-inflammatory properties by adding artificial creamers.
What’s in your coffee creamer?
According to Adrienne Dowd – a nutritionist from Parsley Health – a majority of the top leading creamer brands contain unhealthy ingredients such as sugar, sodium, carrageenan, corn syrup, and vegetable oil. As a result, coffee creamers are full of sugar, fillers, emulsifiers, thickeners, and unhealthy fat. However, there is good news; read on to learn more about healthy alternatives.
Health Benefits of Plant-Based Coffee Creamers
If you have allergies then you have a reason to celebrate as you sip your creamed cup of coffee. This is because plant-based creamers are lactose-free. Lactose is derived from dairy products, which disturb the normal functioning of the digestive tracts. People who are lactose intolerant suffer violent side effects at the consumption of even the tiniest amounts of dairy products in their food or beverages.
Gluten Free
Gluten-free products are steadily gaining popularity, as more people are aware of the health benefits associated with them. If you belong to this group, you’d be impressed to learn that most healthy, plant-based versions of creamers are gluten-free. Gluten is a certain form of protein that is normally found in grains, wheat, and cereals. Basically, Gluten is used to maintain the elasticity in foods during the fermentation stage of food production. Gluten is what gives bread its ‘chewy’ feel.
Furthermore, a gluten-free creamer, just like any other gluten-free dietary product, is particularly beneficial for people who are trying to lose weight. It helps control cholesterol levels, boost energy, and promote a healthy digestive system. However, going completely gluten-free can be proven unhealthy as the benefits and risk must be weighed carefully, especially if your health does not need to restrict gluten intake.
Why Add Homemade Creamers to Your Cup of Joe
Studies show that 90% of adults use non-dairy substitutes like almond, soy, and coconut milk for their daily coffee. Skipping the store-bought coffee creamers is not only a healthy choice, but also inspires coffee drinkers to get creative when it comes to new flavors while saving them money. To mimic the sweetened effect of some of the major creamer brands, physicians say healthy alternatives work just the same, if not, better. The healthiest alternatives are natural creamers that are made from seeds and nuts. Not to mention, wellness-oriented brands are turning to plant-base ingredients such as coconut cream, nut milks, powered with extra vitamins and nutrients like adaptogenic mushrooms, omega-3s, and turmeric.
Spice Up For Mental Health
Spices have been used medicinally across the globe for centuries. Today’s staple ingredients such as garlic, cumin, and coriander have also been found used in Ancient Egypt since 1555 BC. In fact, historical records show that the laborers who built the Great Pyramid consumed garlic, onions, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cardamom to boost mental health. Including these spices in your homemade creamer will produce a natural flavor to your pot of coffee, and according to studies, will also reduce your stress levels.
Naturally Sweetened
Quitting refined sugar can be tough. In fact, Americans consume an average of 20 heaps of sugar per day, compared to the daily-recommended 6 – 9 teaspoons for adults. Osteopathic physicians recommend natural sweeteners that are high in flavor and low in calories. Eating sugar can give your brain a huge surge of dopamine, the feel-good chemical, which also may explain why you are more likely to grab that extra bowl of ice cream rather than a healthy midnight snack.
Because whole foods like vegetables and fruits do not cause the brain to release dopamine, your brain will crave more sugar until it can feel the same amounts of pleasure. For the java lovers who have a sweet tooth, stick with natural options like stevia, honey, cane juice, agave nectar, and maple syrup to help satisfy your sweet cravings in your morning coffee.
Healthy Alternative to Coffee Creamers
Organic Half-and-Half – This is an ideal choice for people who want the creamier flavor without worrying about high caloric content. Organic Half-and-half is less processed and contains more minerals, nutrients and vitamins.
Organic Heavy Whipped Cream – If you like it in your pastry, then you’ll definitely enjoy it in your morning cup of coffee. Not only is it tasty but it is also creamy and smooth which creatively masks the bitter taste of black coffee.
Coconut Milk And Cream – Coconut is a versatile food that apparently serves well as a coffee creamer. It is rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins, including vitamin C, E, B1, B3, and B5. The fats in coconut are healthy as they are easily processed into fuel during activity. What’s more? It provides a rich creamy texture and flavor without the lactose content.
Almond Milk – Almond milk is a healthy, nutty alternative to heavily processed creamers.  One cup of almond milk is enough to meet the daily requirements for vitamin A, D, and B12. Not to mention, homemade almond milk is easy to make, and it is cost-effective.
Whole Milk or 2% Milk – This has less saturated fat as opposed to store-bought creamers. It is rich in potassium calcium, minerals, carbohydrates, and selenium. These are able to maintain and promote optimal health, which reduces the risk of chronic illness and disease.
So, say goodbye to artificial creamer ingredients that may increase the risk of various diseases, and choose to add natural flavors for your next cup of coffee.

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