A Cup of Coffee: How Not To Die (Part VIII in a Series)

Welcome back! Last week we learned about calcium and how important it is for our bodies. If you missed this blog and would like to catch up, click HERE to be redirected.

This week, we tackle the subject of food and climate change. Should be interesting! So grab A Cup of Coffee and let’s chat!

Before we start this blog, check out the following videos at: nutritionfacts.org and YouTube.com.   

“Diet and Climate Change—Cooking Up a Storm “ https://nutritionfacts.org/video/diet-and-climate-change-cooking-up-a-storm/  The following are videos found on YouTube:

“How Much Water Goes Into An 8 ounce Steak”     

“You Cannot be a Non-Vegan Environmentalist”   

“Beef vs. Black Beans”     

“101 Reasons to Go Vegan”        

You will discover that what we choose to eat has a huge impact on our environment.   Perhaps you have not heard that over the last 50 years or so greater than 90% of the ocean fish have been depleted

Raising animals for our food utilizes huge amounts of water and land resources and the air pollution is another factor to consider.  In fact, raising livestock for our food contributes more to global warming than all of our transportation system.  

So if you are concerned about conserving the resources on our planet for your children and grandchildren…consider what you choose to eat today.

Best of Health

Charlie Ross DO    Westfir, OR

You don’t have to go vegan, or even vegetarian to contribute…seriously. Watch this video!

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