A Cup of Coffee: How Not To Die (Part X in a Series)

Welcome back! Last week, we talked about bacteria in our digestive system, and how preparing our foods can make a huge difference in our health. If you missed that blog and would like to catch up, click HERE.

Many people are not aware that sometimes cooking foods will destroy important nutrients and sometimes cooking will enhance the nutrient value.   Cooking garlic and broccoli can destroy the enzyme that is required for chemical conversion to active health benefitting chemicals; like boosting your immunity to fight off infections or killing off cancer cells.  

Cut or crush garlic and allow about 10-15 minutes for it to “rest” (this allows the enzyme to work) before putting in a pan to cook.  

If you do not have the time to allow the garlic to rest, then add some raw garlic to the dish and that will add the needed enzyme. 

Cooking also destroys the enzyme in broccoli….so if you cook broccoli… eat some uncooked or raw (the enzyme does not get destroyed with just chewing) or add a pinch of mustard powder (this has the enzyme).  

Flax seeds need to be ground (already ground flax seeds are called flax meal) to reap the omega-3 benefits.  Flax seeds can last for months but flax meal should be kept refrigerated and lasts about 4 weeks or so. 

Carrots and tomatoes are two veggies whose nutrition value is enhanced with cooking.

https://nutritionfacts.org/video/second-strategy-to-cooking-broccoli/     https://nutritionfacts.org/questions/what-are-the-anti-cancer-effects-of-garlic/ 


Best of Health

Charlie Ross DO    Westfir, Oregon


  1. How you cook things DO make a difference. Also, don’t microwave. Even the USDA says that about 97% of broccoli’s nutrition is destroyed by microwaves. I wonder what chemical changes microwaves leave in their wake? Something that put a gag order on some very interesting research about microwaves and malnutrition which didn’t come off until a few years ago. Those that begged for the court order in the first place? Multi-national companies that made microwaves in Europe. I’m always wanting to read research that was gagged by non-medical entities. Makes you wonder.

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