A Cup of Coffee: How Not To Die (Part II in a series)

Welcome back! Last week, we learned about adding healthy choices to our diet, and the impact those choices could have on our overall health and life expectancy. This week, we continue this discussion

So grab A Cup of Coffee, and let’s hear what our friend, Dr. Ross, has to say about healthy nutrition this week…and don’t forget to watch the video at the end…you will be shocked at what you learn!

How do we decide what are healthy food choices?   We can depend upon our culture, family member influences, friend suggestions, or what the internet or media has to say.   But there is so much conflicting information that confusion reigns.  So, who do you trust for your healthy nutrition information?  Perhaps it would be best to rely on what the recent science tells us….but where do we find that?

Several years ago, I took the advice of a medical student who referred me to an evidence-based site on nutrition….     www.nutritionfacts.org     This site was started by Michael Greger MD as a labor of love.  Dr. Greger was a young child when his 65 year- old grandmother had a heart attack and was told that she did not have long to live.  She found Dr. Nathan Pritikin on the East Coast and changed her food choices from the standard American diet to whole foods that were plant based.  She was soon out of her wheelchair and climbing mountains a few months later.  She lived into her 90’s.  

During this time, Dr. Greger attended medical school and had no training in nutrition…no mention about reversing heart disease as he had personally witnessed with his grandmother.   So, he decided to explore why, and to study the actual science of nutrition and review every single study (printed in English) on nutrition and relay the information he discovered to the public and the medical profession.   Currently, he reviews the 100,000 yearly peer reviewed articles, along with 19 other volunteers, and places videos and articles on the nutritionfacts.org site for free

He is not selling any supplements.   He donates any proceeds from his books, How Not To Die, back to this site to keep his world audience up to date on the latest in evidence based nutrition.   I encourage anyone reading this to go to his site and check out any of his articles or videos.  I have asked every medical student and every previous class member or patient to find something incorrect with his work…but so far no one has

Another evidence- based site is  www.pcrm.org   This is a site started by Neil Barnard MD that focuses on healthy food choices.     And if you do not have access to the internet…..you can get the book  The Blue Zones by Daniel Buettner detailing what the longest lived and healthiest populations in the world eat to keep living healthy into their 90’s and 100’s.

Best of Health

Charlie Ross DO,  Westfir, Oregon

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