Alisha Harrington, Washington State

Alisha Harrington comes to us from Washington State, and is a second year medical student. She attends Western University of Health Sciences COMP-NW and is this year’s recipient of the Washington Osteopathic Medical Foundation (WOF) Scholarship Award.

Alisha has a background in acupuncture, public health, and is now taking on osteopathic medicine. This wide range of experiences has given her the ability to appreciate the multitude of factors connected to health. She states that “along with a deeply rooted passion for problem solving, I have a strong desire to contribute in a meaningful way”.

In order to contribute and promote a culture of wellness in the Pacific Northwest, Alisha intends to maintain leadership roles “so that I may encourage broad scale change that supports sustainable health for generations”.

Wynde Cheek, DO, had this to say about Alisha, “She started working in health care as a massage therapist, then went on to earn a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, which included advanced training in Nanjing China. She was the owner and acupuncturist of Wind & Water Acupuncture in Portland.”

Elissa Chapman, B.AppSc(TCM), Clinic Director of Bajrabarahi Clinic states, “Alisha possesses many skills which make her an exemplary provider. I was very impressed by her ability to communicate openly, objectively and honestly with her patients, staff, and other physicians. She easily combines allopathic and alternative medical concepts to her clinical advantage”.

Alisha herself sums up her goals for the future, “Because health isn’t something that happens in a clinic, part of my plan is to build a culture of wellness. To create a foundation that provides an opportunity for individuals to thrive. I will tirelessly participate in all aspects of health promotion from the political to the spiritual. The integrative clinic I dream of creating is not separate from the town I hope to build it in, it is woven into the schools, and the farmers market and the libraries. Promoting health as a lifestyle is something I hope my students and patients will spread to others so that we can live healthy, happy, meaningful lives.

That is our hope as well, Alisha and if anyone can do it, you can. Job well done.

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