Gregory Herting, Alaska

Gregory (Greg) Herting grew up in beautiful Alaska, and attends Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine in California. He is a fourth year medical student, and the recipient of the Alaska Osteopathic Medical Association (AKOMA) scholarship award.

Greg tells us that during his inpatient rotation this past year, he was able to apply osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) on several patients. One patient stands out in his memory due to the stark contrast between the “before” and “after” treatment. After just 15 minutes with this patient, they were much more comfortable and able to continue in their healing post surgery.

This experience solidified in Greg how important OMM can be, and motivated him to continue practicing in the future. “It’s gratifying to know that you helped someone when they are at one of their lowest points by using your own hands”.

Walter Hartwig, PhD, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs states that Greg “continues to grow beyond expectations and he has emerged as a student-physician whose character reflects well on our program”. Dr. Hartwig noted several comments he has received regarding Greg’s performance during his “clerkships”.

Words such as “Professional, competent, smart, well spoken, thoughtful, receptive to feedback, inquisitive, and an excellent bedside manner” were used to describe his personality and abilities.

Athena W. Lin, PhD and Associate Professor at Touro University, said that “Greg is always pleasant, helpful, respectful, and professional when interacting with peers, faculty and staff members. His well-balanced personality and life philosophy also exemplifies an excellent osteopathic physician. Greg is an outstanding physician leader who will remain committed to serving the community”.

Greg himself had this to say about his future in osteopathic medicine, “As a physician, I want to not just be a healer, but a role model and leader in my community. I want to promote preventative care by spreading my love for sports and living an active lifestyle. I want to motivate others who are fighting obesity to develop healthy habits, and educating them on its importance. Equipping people in my community with simple OMM techniques will benefit many people while waiting to see healthcare providers”.

Greg, the foundation is pleased to see you are committed to OMM and we look forward to watching your career unfold. Job well done.

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