Omar Rachdi, Oregon

Omar Rachdi is a third year medical student who hails from Oregon. He attends Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific Northwest (COMP-NW) and is the recipient of the Floyd Henry DO Endowment Scholarship Award.

Omar told us a compelling story of traveling to visit relatives in Morocco. While he was treating his relative for pain issues, and upon exam, asking her some questions, it was discovered she had a lump in one breast. She was able to go to her doctor, get a diagnosis, and obtain treatment because of the techniques Omar was able to use. “This experience has solidified my desire to always use my hands to diagnose and treat. It is ingrained in me due to my training and my culture”.

Robyn Dreibelbis, DO and Vice Chair and Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at Comp-Northwest had this to say about Omar: “He consistently demonstrates excitement and positivity towards the educational process personally, and as part of a larger class of 2021. Through his actions and interactions, he has set himself apart among his classmates as a truly special person; this is significant because, collectively, this group of people encapsulate what it means to be an osteopathic physician…altruistic, intelligent, kind-hearted, caring, and supportive of each other”.

Mirabelle Fernandes Paul, Assistant Dean, Office of Student Affairs at Comp-Northwest, says, “Omar cares deeply about his future patients and is committed to his learning and growth as a physician in order to better serve them. Omar is reflective and compassionate, eager to learn and enhance his skills to offer his best to those around him”.

John T. Pham, DO and Vice Dean of Comp-Northwest states that “Omar is a driven and an intelligent young man who encompasses diligence and perseverance to accomplish his goals. Omar, without a doubt, will be a practicing physician in our great state of Oregon”.

An Eagle Scout himself, Omar looks forward to giving back to the scouting community. “I plan to volunteer in Scouting and promote Underrepresented Minorities within medicine. Scouting gave me patience, life skills, and a fun environment to learn and grow; values I will bring to my community and will allow me to play a vital role in the journey and wellbeing of others”.

Omar, the foundation looks forward to your journey and we support your mission. Job well done.

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