Taylor Bundy, Oregon

Taylor Bundy is a third year medical student at Western University of Health Sciences Comp-Northwest and she is from the great state of Oregon. She is this year’s recipient of the Willis Women’s Scholarship Award.

Taylor expressed to us her firm belief in using ones hands to diagnose and treat patients. She travelled to Kenya and was asked by doctors there to work with patients who had everything from malaria to congestive heart failure. “Gradually, I found myself more comfortable using my hands to gain a sense of what may be going on with these patients. Many of the women in particular responded to soft tissue and articulatory to ease restrictions in their stiff joints. I am even more inspired to continue developing an osteopathic approach to care back home”.

Mirabelle Fernandes Paul, Assistant Dean in the Office of Student Affairs at Comp-Northwest, states, “Taylor is an extremely reflective and thoughtful student leader whose wise decisions reflect the use of her kind heart and sharp mind. She is humble and compassionate, eager to learn and enhance her skills to offer the best care and support to those around her”.

Michelle Steinauer, Ph.D and Laboratory Director at Comp-Northwest, says that Taylor, “is a quiet leader. She leads in the background and doesn’t need recognition and reward for her efforts. She inherently builds up the people around her. She truly excels in her ability to teach and guide others”.

John T. Pham, DO and Vice Dean of Comp-Northwest states that “Taylor has such a warm, friendly, and kind demeanor. She is a team player and is always willing to help others despite her busy schedule. Because of her affable, easy-going manner, she is well liked and respected by both her medical colleagues and her patients”.

Taylor sums up her first few years of studying medicine, “I have learned that health encompasses many different things; the connections we have with others influence our overall well-being, and sometimes a healing touch can make all the difference. These are core principles of the osteopathic field that I will carry with me into the care of my future patients”.

The foundation believes in you, Taylor, and look forward to seeing where your journey leads you. Job well done.

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