Lisa Huynh – Oregon

Lisa Huynh, Oregon

Lisa is an Oregonian and attends Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine Pacific Northwest. She is a third-year medical student and received the Willis Women’s Scholarship Award.

Lisa’s first experience with osteopathic medicine came when she worked under Dr. Pham as a medical assistant at this clinic. “Dr. Pham showed me that osteopathic medicine is about more than just making a diagnosis or prescribing a medication. He showed me that it’s about using our hearts and our hands in addition to those skills we’ve learned to help us provide the best care we can give. I am very grateful for these experiences at Dr. Pham’s clinic as it steered me towards osteopathic medicine and taught me the value of patient-centered care”.

John T. Pham DO and Vice Dean of WesternU COMP-Northwest writes this about Lisa, “Lisa is a person of high integrity, patience, thoughtfulness, and one who looks for ways to improve the community she is in. She has demonstrated to me that she will be an outstanding addition to our profession”.

Dr. Pham goes on to say this about Lisa, “Lisa is quite involved with University and professional services at WesternU COMP-Northwest, despite her busy schedule as a medical student. She is the President of the Lebanon Health Career Ladder, which provides mentorship medical science workshops for grade school kids. She volunteered at the WesternU Dream Program and was a group lead for the Vietnamese Student associate 4 Kids. She is also a student member of the Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of Oregon (OPSO), Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA), and the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOFP). She is an incredible Student Ambassador for Admissions and mentors incoming interviewees about our school. She has volunteered at the East Linn Community free Clinic in which students and clinical faculty provide free healthcare to the underserved people of Lebanon, Oregon”.

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Lisa says this about her career path, “Outside of my practice, I plan to contribute to public health education in my community focusing on ESL patients (English as a Second Language). Growing up with parents who immigrated here from Vietnam and didn’t speak English, I have witnessed firsthand how difficult healthcare can be when a language barrier is present. I would like to teach and provide resources on how to effectively communicate with healthcare professionals when there’s a language disconnect. In doing so, I hope to empower our immigrants and give them the stronger health care they deserve”.

Lisa, the Foundation thinks that is an admirable goal. We look forward to following your career. Congratulations and job well done.

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