Rozalyna Gritten – Washington State

Rozalyna Gritten, Washington State

Rozalyna lives in Washington State and attends Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences. She is a second-year medical student and is the recipient of the Washington Osteopathic Medical Foundation (WOF) Scholarship Award.

Rozalyna tells us that it was during her pregnancy that she met her first Osteopathic Physician. She was struck by her “warmth and empathy”. She eventually went to her DO regarding a case of carpal tunnel syndrome, and when her doctor alleviated the pain with a manipulation technique, Rozalyna decided that one day she would be “the woman in the white coat”.

Erin K. Anderson DO, Clinical Skills Faculty in the Department of Medicine at PNWU/COM wrote about Rozalyna, “She is simply an outstanding student, academically, professionally, and personally. She is consistently prepared, engaged, curious, and compassionate”.

Dr. Anderson continues, “Rozalyna is a single mom to two children, and serves the community alongside her son and daughter with Science nights and scouting programs, and is a role model for service to others. She organized volunteers to help with errands for at-risk people during the COVID pandemic and inspires others with her passionate concern for her community. Rather than take the summer off, she decided to apply to a global health program in Oaxaca, Mexico that focuses on pediatrics, ob/GYN, and primary care. She is going to be a tremendous physician; knowledgable, holistic, and compassionate”.

Rozalyna told us that, “community service has always been an important part of my life. One of my earliest memories is of my mother telling my sister and I a story about what it was like growing up in the Philippines in poverty. She had 12 siblings and they often could only afford to eat rice. One story, in particular, has stuck with me for over 20. years. After eating only rice for three days, my grandfather brought home two full tilapia fish. Instead of keeping the fish for the family, he cut the fish in half. he kept one half for his family and gave the rest to his neighbors. The message was that taking care of your community is taking care of your family and I will never forget that”.

“I am currently involved with a local summer program called SNOT (Science Night on Tuesdays). During SNOT, we help upwards of 200 children build water rockets, slime, catapults, hovercrafts, and many other exciting projects. it is incredibly rewarding to listen to these future scientists with questions on why things work the way they do. I plan on practicing as a physician in Yakima, Washington. In the community that helped mold me into the person I am today. As a physician, I will continue to keep community service a priority”.

We at the Foundation believe in you Rozalyna. Congratulations, and job well done.

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