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Linda Tate

This week, we are going to talk about liars, but not the typical kind of liars…we are going to talk about liars who lie to themselves. This week’s blog will really make you think, so grab A Cup of Coffee and let’s chat…

Some would say that one doesn’t lie to themselves, but rather it is denial that keeps the boat afloat. I disagree…respectfully, of course.

Being honest with yourself means that you have to take responsibility for your own actions, and that can be a challenge for many. Admitting that you could very possibly have been in the wrong is hard. Nobody wants to have to do that. It’s embarrassing. It’s humbling. It’s necessary.

So Why Do We Do This?

“Self-deception isn’t just lying or faking, but is deeper and more complicated”, says Del Paulhus, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia and author of a widely used scale to measure self-deceptive tendencies. “It involves strong psychological forces that keep us from acknowledging a threatening truth about ourselves”, he says.

In some people, the tendency seems to be an inborn personality trait. Others may develop a habit of self-deception as a way of coping with problems and challenges.

Is There A Technical Name For It?

MentalHealth.net tells us the term is called, “cognitive dissonance”. This is what is behind the reason why we lie to ourselves and tell ourselves untruths.

“When we experience cognitive dissonance, we feel an uncomfortable tension between who we believe we are and how we are behaving. Here is a good example of cognitive dissonance:

“The person who steals from his employer but tells himself that he is underpaid and deserves the extra is twisting the interpretation of his behavior in order to still feel he is okay as a human being”.

If you have to justify your behaviors, you may have a problem with Cognitive Dissonance. Truth is gold and lies are cheap. 

Are There Consequences For Cognitive Dissonance?

Lying hurts your reputation, requires you to field feelings of inner guilt, and generally makes you unlikable. 

  • We lie to ourselves when we are not honest about our motives.
  • We lie to ourselves when we are not honest about our authentic desires.
  • We lie to ourselves when we falsely justify or rationalize our behavior (or the behavior of others). We avoid responsibilities, citing excuses along the lines of “it doesn’t matter anyways”, “I’m tired”, “I don’t have any time”.
  • We even lie to ourselves when we latch onto judgmental stereotypes or refuse to see past our rigid, initial first-impressions; or when we refuse to hear what another person is saying and instead, stay stubbornly wed to our own fixed narrative of things.

Someone who does all these things isn’t anyone people want to be in a relationship with, work with, or associate with because their reputation for being a liar can rub off and suddenly people think you must be just like them or why would you associate with them in the first place?

If You Don’t Care About Others, Care About Yourself

Above all, you shouldn’t lie to yourself because you are all you have: you should aim to be your own bastion of truth as much as you can manage. This will give you greater control over yourself. If you don’t have your word, you really have nothing.

I Might Be Doing This…Are There Ways To Know For Sure?

The Understanding Project says there is, “People lie to themselves hoping to avoid disruption and to maintain functioning. But in a paradoxical twist, internal lying actually wears on your ability to function. And the evidence is often visible.

“Maybe anxiety keeps you up at night, prompts you to leap out of bed, haggard and yet restless, hopelessly fixated on the idea that something is wrong. Maybe you’re lying to yourself about who you are and what you want. And here you are punishing yourself by not having the guts to stop with the lies and to listen to the truth.

“A habit of lying is also a massive culprit of people wandering around life in a muddied state of confusion. Perhaps this is you. You feel disconnected, on-edge, or irritable and you can’t seem to figure out why. Cognitive dissonance is feverishly at work. What you are telling yourself contradicts some inner reality tucked away inside you that you cannot, for the life of you, shake.

“This ‘inner reality’ may currently be the source of your frustration and unease if you forsake it in favor of easy, self-affirming lies, but it could also be your freedom if you choose to take the brave step and heed it.

As another example, sudden outbursts of emotional volatility that seem to spring from some irrational part of yourself usually point to an inner tug-of-war between truth and lies. Suddenly, you’re doing some run-of-the-mill task and, before you know it, tears are streaming down your face and it’s all a giant mystery to you. But is it??

“Sometimes it is our bodies that alert us to our cycle of endangerment — that plead with us that we must stop feeding ourselves the same tired lies over and over againIt’s fake and toxic and not helping me, seems to be the refrain.

“Or say you suffer from fatigue and insomnia. You suppose that these physical circumstances constitute the problem itself. Really, however, they are but symptoms of something broader being enacted on the psychological stage. Sometimes, when you refuse to be brutally truthful about your feelings, thoughts, desires, and shortcomings, your body literally revolts in a dizzying display of attention-getting designed to alert you to what’s happening psychologically.

“After all, your mind and your body are designed to be in sync. If you are an anxious, angry bundle of nerves, you will manifest this reality in both directions — internal and external“.

I’m Tired Of Lying To Myself…What Can I Do? How Do I Stop?

1) We can change our attitude

2) We can acquire new information

3) We can reduce the importance of our beliefs

4) We can be honest with a professional counselor and move in the direction of healing the underlying trauma that started this to begin with.

So there you have it, Dear Reader. Being aware of this can help us to be more aware of, and hopefully avoid, the many negative consequences of the self-deception we all engage in – believing our own lies.

Have a fantastic week, and we will meet here again next Wednesday to share another Cup of Coffee.

Editors note: This blog is not a replacement for sound medical advice, and many diseases, disorders, and syndromes have symptoms that overlap. Only a qualified medical professional can diagnose you. That said, if you think this blog may be helpful to others, please hit the Facebook Icon and share it on your personal pages. Thank you for reading us, we really do appreciate you!


  1. Dr. Miller;
    While I appreciate your passion for COVID, I disagree with you using our blog on a completely different topic as an outlet for your beliefs.
    I fail to see how your beliefs are supportive of or supported by, the principles of Osteopathic Medicine.

  2. What about when you know the truth (been down the rabbit hole) and no one will listen, you get censored and banned from blogs, etc. Like the whole world has drunk the cool-aid. I’m talking about MOUSE-SARS-CV-2002 (THE ORIGINAL BUG) as modified as UNC, Chapel HIll by none other than Dr. Baric. Stabilized “for research” by methylation at the six most common points of natural mutation. Eliminates 90% of potential mutations. This was done between 2004 and 2008. The “stabilized for research” bug then went to FT DEITRICK, MD, where you should know what KIND of research was done on it. That was 2008 to 2014 (who knows what was done?}. But CDC shut down the FORT because of several suspicious outbreaks (remarkably similar to CV), and that is precisely when and why Congress established the BAN on GAIN OF FUNCTION genetics research!!!! The bugs (now not less than six versions) then “had to go somewhere for continued research” so they actually went to not less than four BSL-4 labs. One was in Ontario, CAN. There the Harvard prof and his two CCP H1b visa types, sold them to the CCP. Got 200k each. Prosecuted and in prison by 2017.
    But, because the CCP already had it (conveniently for Fauci), and there was now a ban on GoFs in the US, your special friend and mine, Phd Fauci sent the entire genetic code for the HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS VIRAL ENVELOPE COAT GLYCOPROTEIN 120 to Wuhan Institute of Virology, Hubei Province. This is where Dr. Baric set up the renewed GAIN OF FUNCTION research for the now stabilized versions to add the HIV coat. Do you get that???? Gain of Function with the coat that prevents your immune system from seeing and responding to the bugs!!!!!! Fauci has created a new form of AIDS and we are calling them “long haulers”. Fauci gave 7.6 million of your dollars to the CCP to do this!!
    Baric funneled it through his corporate cut out Ecohealth Alliance to Wuhan. That is how in his mind FAUCI was able to LIE to Dr Paul in the Senate when he was asked if he had funded this research, which he denied. Lets get rid of this LIAR, RIGHT NOW.

    For their part the CCP did GoF with the ACE2 enzyme as part of the CCP Supersoldier project. ACE2 does sympathetic autonomic control concentrated in the::: Brain-fog ((look at forebrain and lenticular system effects)), heart- A-Fib, lungs and vessels- SARS and massive HTN, kidneys/adrenals- same, liver- overwhelmed by metabolic chaos. ACE2 is the killer.

    I could tell you all of this by the first week of Dec.’19. Why/How?? ‘Cause that is what the military trained me to do. Surveil and look for disease all over the world, because my Aircrews could be there in less than 24 hours.

    There were media and international calls coming out of China starting in early Sept. 19, and we now know that the first “accidental” releases may have been as early as June. Things were getting well out of control by mid October. That is when I started down the rabbit hole. By Thanksgiving I was starting to blog for answers and to warn of this potential pandemic/bioweapon. No help. Ignored.
    From the first week of Dec’19 on I was censored/banned on multiple channels. I had three computers attacked and destroyed by New Years. Even now Doximity censors this exact information, over and over again. (Google clone service)
    Third week of Dec’19, CCP shut off Hubei province to all of China and then told everyone in Hubei province “go anywhere in the world you want”. And they did, they were already in panic mode there. That was bad, but they were clear about why. They released all 24 possible permutations of the six stabilized bugs and the two GoFs.
    They knew they were never getting in front of this bioweapon, that will never mutate away, that will cause a new AIDS and SARS, there is no vaccine for HIV after forty years and there will be no true vaccine for CV19 either.
    The sole purpose of the current jabs is to hide the fact that FAUCI and FRIENDS made a bioweapon. Illegally, both by US ban on GoFs and by US bioweapons treaty. The only thing the jab does is reduce the impact of ACE2 effects, to hide the true nature of this bug. It does not prevent infection nor prevent transmission. If they get the HIV coat version , the vaccine does nothing to prevent the LONGHAULER state. Even if your are prior immune to CV the HIV coat will hide it and you may become a longhauler.
    Everyone on the planet is going to have to get this bug. That is why the current approach is just crazy, makes no medical sense at all when you know what it is and how it was made.
    We made the base virus as a bioweapon. It is stabilized, it is never mutating away, and never getting a true vaccine.
    Everyone will have to get this bug, PERIOD. That is why the medical treatments are so important. Ivermectin works- has all over the world- but banned here-WHY?. India beat the “Delta” variant exponential growth by giving two tabs to asymptomatic and six tabs (five days) to symptomatic. IN TWO WEEKS.
    By the way, there are NO NEW STRAINS, they were all released at the same time. We are just watching the “natural history” of any bugs as they move through various populations, weathers, and climates, etc.
    We have a “vaccine” that isn’t a vaccine, with endless need for “Booster”, or YOU WILL GET IT. It is not gene therapy. The only thing the mRNA can produce in the cell is the protein it is coded for. It is coded against the ACE2 spike protein, like a monoclonal antibody. It does not in any way reverse, by, or to, transcriptases, and does not effect your DNA. The people who are being called DNA converters with perm immunity, WERE THE 35% OF AMERICANS WHO WERE ALREADY IMMUNE BY PRIOR EXPOSURE, PER THE CDC’S OWN NUMBERS ! ! WHY IS NATURAL IMMUNITY BEING IGNORED??? Every single person in America should have been tested for prior immunity before being vaccinated. ADES has been happening all over. THOSE 35% WILL NEVER DIE FROM CV. ( I’m reconsidering this, as noted, as the immune response is in-effective against a hidden antagonist, hidden like HIV. This is incredibly bad news if true– means not even the jab will stop the ultimate spread of those HIV coat strains. I have seen NO data or even studies down this line yet. They WILL HAVE TO HAPPEN or this will never end. Is FAuci so crazy he would create an HIV bioweapon for the entire human population???

    TALK ABOUT LIARS ! ! ! ! !
    W.H.O.—- LIED— TWICE.
    U.N. — LIED

    ASK ME ABOUT MY OWN BATTLE WITH THE DOUBLE WEAPON BUG SINCE 16JAN20. Some of my compatriates of similar top secret status have suggested that I was targeted with the virus, early, due to my efforts to expose it.
    How do you catch a virus sitting at home and blogging?? Less than a month after they were released in China. I am sure I was prior immune due to all my travels. I was hit with the HIV (only way to get through my immune status) and manifest the severe ACE2 effects. 16 hour workup in ER with: BP – UNREADABLE/180 ! !, Brain-zombie, Heart- A-fib, LUNGS – CTA, SOB, MILD FEVER, ETC. CTs, MRIs, massive labs =====> NOTHING !!!! When I tried to tell them about the China bug coming, I got the side looks at my wife, etc. Diltiazem for the A-fib, thats it. Good control in two hours. Monitored myself q4 hrs. at home (full clinic in the closet, right). Sxs lasted two weeks. Some memory issues until refreshed/coached. They are all there, just an access issue, which is why I suggest effect to the lenticular system. Some holes in contemporary memory during events.. THATS RIGHT, I SAID EVENTS. Cause it breaks out/cycles about every eight to ten weeks. All same sxs, just progressively less each cycle. Cycles 1,2,3,6,7 of nine total now, needed Diltiazem for A-fib and BP control. I have nothing between cycles and need no meds, have never needed other meds.

    Speaking of being healthy, I am now going to shock everyone and tell them, I THINK WE MAY BE MISSING THE BOAT ON SOMETHING HERE. Since getting the full GoFd virus, I have lost 60 pounds, am the same fighting trim I was as a 20 yo COMBAT RESCUE AIRCREWMAN (trained with SEALS), AND I HAVE DONE NOTHING -REPEAT- NOTHING- – TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. MY VA DOCUMENTED WRECKED BODY FEELS BETTER THAN IT HAS IN 30-40 YEARS. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???



    by the way, don’t worry about secret stuff, everything medical I have conveyed here came directly from PUB MED and my background in pre-med HUMAN MOLECULAR GENETICS training.

    Am I the only one who looked??

    Call Dr Duffield at PSU, Chair of Biology, for whom I wrote my Masters research paper, for my Phd thesis if I didn’t get into med school. “INDIVIDUALIZED MONOCLONAL ANTIBODY THERAPY FOR ANY CANCER IN SIX WEEKS” THAT WAS 1984. WEIRD. That line of research is just now taking off.

    1. Author

      Wow, Dr. Miller, that’s a lot. Our foundation just raises money for scholarships, so I doubt we can be of any assistance. I’m sorry. We aren’t doctors…just an Executive Director with over 30 years of experience in nonprofit work, and myself, with over 20 years of experience in social services…

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