Dallen Meredith – Idaho

Student Doctor Dallen Meredith

Dallen Meredith hails from Idaho, and attends the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine.  Dallen is a second-year student, and is the recipient of the Congratulations ICOM scholarship.

Dr. Jay M. Crutchfield, MD, FACS spoke about Dallen.  He said, “Dallen has played an instrumental role in establishing, organizing, and working with the Surgical Club—of which I am the advisor. Together with other group members, the club has been—by far—the most active club on campus by taking the initiative and responsibility to guarantee every student in the first and second-years are trained in the surgical skills needed before they enter the third year of clinical training. 

“Dallen is also gifted with an outgoing, extroverted personality, keen intellect, and emotional intelligence.  Dallen is always eager to lend a hand, teach a colleague, and support a struggling student in any way he can. 

“He’s been a student, a friend, a leader, and a supporter of his classmates. He’s intelligent with a great sense of humor. He’s humble, talented, and emotionally mature—and did I mention, all these personality characteristics and he has a family (with children), too? Is this guy Superman? I haven’t seen his red cape— but it’s probably at the dry cleaners! “

 Student Doctor Meredith had this to say about his  personal goals:  

“I am deeply committed to making our communities healthier through the education of providers and patients. I also hope to provide support for local law enforcement officers, sports teams, and high schools. My hope is to specialize in orthopedic surgery, and this would be a perfect opportunity to volunteer as a team physician, volunteer at local sporting events (i.e. rodeos), and work with the city and county to be the provider at training events and locally sponsored activities. 

“As a father of two children, I am eager to one day coach them in sports. I was lucky enough to be coached by a physician, who didn’t have much time on his hands, but he was committed to our team and teaching us principles of life that continue to affect me to this day. I hope to give the same, in return, to the kids in my town. I hope that through the volunteered time of coaching, I can inspire, lead and give hope to every individual I may coach.”

Congratulations, Dallen.  We look forward to seeing where your career takes you in the great state of Idaho!  Job well done.

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