Darren Malek – Montana

Student Doctor Darren Malek

Darren Bruce Malek, who hails from beautiful Montana, is a third-year student at the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine and is the recipient of the Wonderful World scholarship.

Dr. Nicole Moses, MD, says, “Darren Malek is an extremely intelligent and driven individual who is passionate about gaining and demonstrating medical knowledge. 

“I have watched him handle the demands of learning significant amounts of medical information and apply it appropriately with relative ease. He takes pride in his work and recognizes the amount of time and personal growth necessary to continue to thrive in this type of learning environment. Despite the pressures of performance, he has remained steadfast in his attitude toward the work and gains sincere enjoyment from his studies.

“It is his nature to behave in a pleasant and cooperative manner, which makes interactions with him consistently enjoyable. The qualities of continuous self-evaluation and improvement, as well as a willingness to act on constructive feedback, are two key character traits I value in a personal physician.”

Student Doctor Malek told us, “Highwood, Montana relies mainly on agriculture and livestock as a way of life. Growing up on a registered Angus cattle ranch with many summers in the rolling wheat fields, where helping your neighbor means just as much as your own family’s success. The values of persistence, adaptability, and teamwork were instilled in me at a young age, and I plan to integrate my altruistic vision into my career in medicine as well as a contributing community member. 

“It is my desire to bring back my education through summer camps for kids and STEM programs for high school students making decisions on their future life in adulthood. I once walked these hallways with eleven other classmates at Highwood Public Schools, where having a mentor in the form of a science teacher shaped my future. He is the reason I studied Biology and went on to medical school. He ignited my passion for science and now I want to return to this same mentorship. 

“I want to provide the same opportunities I was exposed to; from coaching kids during half-time basketball in ‘Little Dribblers’, driving vans to other towns for flag football, and hosting weight lifting programs for students, these are all programs I inspire to carry on. I also want to capitalize on my passion for skiing through a program I would call ‘Ski Buddies,’ pairing young kids with high school students in an effort for kids to learn the art of skiing. 

“As a person who carries my small town morals through altruism, persistence, and adaptability, I inspire to bring my passions back to my community in order to provide for those who have given me so much throughout my life. I see this as a responsibility to return the same opportunities that I loved so much about growing up in small-town Montana.”

Darren, the Foundation is so happy to know that you will carry your education back to your home state and serve those who need it most. We look forward to watching your career blossom over the years to come. Job well done.

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