Doc BurnhamThe family and colleagues of E.L. “Doc” Burnham, DO created the “Wonderful World” Scholarship Endowment Fund in 2003 to honor his lifetime commitment to osteopathic medicine. The respected Oregon Physician Dr. Burnham passed away on January 13, 2004.
“Doc was recognized with the Foundations’s Emeritus Award honoring his lifetime dedication and commitment to osteopathic medicine. His family further honored him in 2003 by establishing the $10,000 ‘Wonderful World’ Endowment Scholarship Fund named for the phrase that Doc began each day with: ‘Oh what a wonderful day!'” – Winter 2004 “The Overview”

Scholarship Awardees include:

  • Derek McFaul, Western U/COMP-Northwest, 2016
  • Lydia Alberg, PNWU-COM, 2015
  • Jessie David, PNWU-COM, 2014
  • Corby Makin, Western U/ COMP-NW, 2013
  • Kathryn Imberg, LECOM, 2009
  • Tracy Merchant, KBUMB-COM, 2008
  • Sarah Reichert, KCUMB-COM, 2007
  • Aspen Copeland, AZCOM/MWU, 2006
  • Jeremy Mitchell, ATSU-KCOM, 2005
  • Holly Poag, KCUMB-COM, 2004

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