Floyd Henry, DO

The Floyd Henry Jr., DO Scholarship Endowment Fund was established by the family and friends of Dr. Henry in 2002.

“No one stood taller in the Osteopathic profession than Floyd E. Henry Jr, DO. I’ve never known a doctor that was more respected by his patients and his peers.” – William Chambers, Former President of Eastmoreland Hospital

“Dr. Henry had GREAT HANDS! If I had ever needed surgery, I would have gone to Floyd.” – Paul Aversano, DO

“I was often nervous when I referred my patients to a specialist, but not Dr. Henry. He was a great communicator. He spoke to patients in a language they understood and always made them feel comfortable.” – Matthew Sah, DO

More information on Dr. Henry is available here.

Scholarship recipients include:

  • Enjuli Chhaniara, ATSU-SOMA, 2022
  • Lisa Huynh, Western U/COMP-Northwest, 2021
  • Antonina Storniolo, Western U/COMP-Northwest, 2020
  • Omar Rachdi, Western U/COMP-Northwest, 2019
  • Matthew Zeller, Western U/COMP-Northwest, 2018
  • Matthew Johnson, Western U/COMP-Northwest, 2017
  • Patrick Erickson, Western U/COMP-Northwest, 2016
  • Kirsten Walton, WesternU/COMP-Northwest, 2015
  • Vernon Rasiah, Western U/COMP-Northwest, 2014
  • Patrick Dacquel, KCUMB-COM, 2008
  • Shari Van Dyke-Montanden, KCUMB-COM, 2007
  • Kristina Haley, AZCOM/MWU, 2006
  • Wendy Haack, DMU-COM, 2005
  • Ryan Melvin, AZCOM/MWU, 2004