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1% Society

Gifts From Your Estate

Create your legacy today!

Create your legacy today!

The next time you update your estate planning, why not consider leaving 1% of your estate to the Foundation General Endowment Fund? It’s a very simple addition to your estate planning documents and your gift will ensure that the osteopathic profession in the Northwest will have the support from the Foundation well beyond your lifetime! Just provide the following language to your estate planning professionals:

“I give to Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation (93-0882138), whose current mailing address is 273 N. Grant St., Canby, OR 97013, one percent (1%) of my residual estate to be placed in its General Endowment Fund and held in perpetuity. The return on this endowment is to be used as the Board of Directors of Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation shall determine.”

 Gifts of Insurance

There are several ways to use life insurance as a way to provide a substantial legacy to the Foundation.

  • One simple and easy way is to name the Foundation as the sole or partial beneficiary of a life insurance policy you currently own or purchase specifically for this purpose.
  • Another method is to make an irrevocable gift of a policy to the Foundation. These can be fully paid or, in some circumstances, policies still having premiums.
  • In some cases, a charitable giving rider can be added to an existing policy.

Each of these methods has different income and estate tax considerations and your specific situation will determine what legacy gift would be best for you.  Consult with your insurance agent and tax advisor.

1% Society Members

Members that notify the Foundation of their intention to leave the Foundation an estate or life insurance gift become members of the 1% Society. Society members will receive special recognition from the Foundation.

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