Scholarship Selection Team

Key Dates for 2020

April 22 – Training on the application review process (Zoom Meeting – see link below)
April 24 – Selection Team receives applications to review
May 15 – Selection Team deadline to have all applications reviewed and final scores submitted to David Tate
May 27 – Selection Team finalizes recommendation with the Board of Directors
June 10 – Students and schools are notified about recipients.

This is the video we prepared to help students prepare their application.

I think it is very helpful for evaluators to watch this as well.

Each year, the Foundation receives about 30 applications for our tuition scholarship program. We recruit about 30 physicians to read 5 to 7 applications each. This ensures each application is evaluated several times by DOs selected at random. Scores are averaged and applications are ranked.

Each application consists of a 90-second video, two short essays and one letter of recommendation. It takes about 15 minutes to review each application, so your time commitment is about 1.5 to 2.5 hours. You can review the applications one at a time over several days or do them all in one sitting. You have almost a month to complete the process. Sound simple? It really is. So why not give back and volunteer to read applications for our upcoming scholarship season?