The opioid ‘epidemic’ is not really an epidemic at all.  It is an unfortunate, but predictable outcome.  At the turn of the century, the cry was to make pain the 5th vital sign and JCAHO released pain standards to be used after much public outcry and a national desire toContinue Reading

Welcome back! This is Part III in a four part series on eating healthy.  If you will remember, last week A. B. wrote a blog on eating healthy on a fixed income, such as Social Security Disability. This week, we visit with Maggie Cook, as she tells us how sheContinue Reading

Welcome back!  This is Part II in a four part series on eating healthy.  If you will remember, last week Dr. Ross wrote a blog on the benefits of eating a whole food plant based diet.  This week, we visit with A. B., and her quest for wellness.  As weContinue Reading

We are pleased to introduce to you Dr. Charles Ross.  Dr. Ross is a DO, and he stepped up to be our very first Guest DO Blogger!  We think you will find that he has some really good ideas around helping not only Doctors, Student Doctors, Residents, and support staffContinue Reading

Good morning.  I hope this blog finds you content with who you are, happy with the direction your life is taking you, and healthy in mind, body, and spirit.  Why don’t you grab a cup of coffee, a bottle of water, or whatever soothes your soul, and let’s have aContinue Reading

The Foundation is pleased to announce our recipients for the 2017-18 academic year!   These outstanding students from the Northwest will be receiving between $5,000 and $20,000 each to help defray some of the costs of osteopathic medical school. These students are: Hugo Araujo Lino, Idaho, OMS IV, PNWU-COM, A.V. Jackson ScholarshipContinue Reading