Providing Doctors to meet Montana’s needs

From the February 21 Billings Gazette

Recruiting primary care doctors to Montana communities remains a persistent challenge. For more than 20 years, the Montana Family Medicine Residency (MFMR) at RiverStone Health, the first medical residency in Montana, has been part of the solution.

MFMR was founded on the belief that physicians would settle in Montana if they completed their residency — the final step in their training — in Montana. Studies support the idea that resident physicians tend to settle near communities where they trained.

Of the 108 physicians MFMR has trained in the last 20 years, 70 are serving communities across Montana. Seventy-three of those 108 physicians were from other states and came to Montana for their residency training. After graduation, 60 percent chose to stay in Montana.

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