Welcome back! Last week, we talked about the various medical issues humans can attribute to cats. If you missed this blog and would like to catch up, click HERE. The main takeaway: Don’t let cats defecate in your gardens. This week, we are going to talk about Alcohol. Booze, ETOH,Continue Reading

Welcome back! Last week I wrote about the passing of my dad. You all shared this over 900 times. Thank you so much for your care and concerns. I will follow up in a week or so with a blog on Elder Abuse in America, as so many of youContinue Reading

Welcome Back!  Last week we talked about volunteering and the impact it may have on your brain.  If you missed this blog, you can catch up HERE. This week, we welcome a new contributor, Michelle Jenk, M.Ed.  She is going to visit the topic of Mindfulness.  Feeling overwhelmed in ourContinue Reading