Welcome back! Wow. Last week’s blog on Heroin vs Prescription Opioids really hit a nerve for a lot of our readers. We hope that moving forward the conversation can take on a new vibe and all patients are considered, rather than just those who would become addicted. If you missedContinue Reading

Welcome Back!  Last week we talked about volunteering and the impact it may have on your brain.  If you missed this blog, you can catch up HERE. This week, we welcome a new contributor, Michelle Jenk, M.Ed.  She is going to visit the topic of Mindfulness.  Feeling overwhelmed in ourContinue Reading

Welcome back!  I was out on a medical leave for the summer months, but I’m back and ready to roll!  We will kick off our Fall blogs with a repeat blogger, Dr. Charles Ross.  Dr. Ross is a DO (Osteopathic Doctor) who has a passion for teaching others what typesContinue Reading