Welcome back! Last week, we discussed the topic of Elder Abuse in America. If you missed this blog and would like to catch up, click HERE. I’m going to issue a warning this week. This blog will discuss a sensitive topic, and for those who have been abused, it mayContinue Reading

Welcome back! Last week I wrote about the passing of my dad. You all shared this over 900 times. Thank you so much for your care and concerns. I will follow up in a week or so with a blog on Elder Abuse in America, as so many of youContinue Reading

UPDATE to this blog May 26th: We received such a huge response to this blog, that I felt compelled to give you all an update. I was notified last week that my dad’s assisted living facility was substantiated for abuse, which led to his death. They were fined 15k, andContinue Reading

Welcome back! Last week we talked about our young adults that won’t leave home. If you missed that blog and would like to catch up, click HERE. In 2017, The Washington Post reported that a nationally representative poll, taken by the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of MichiganContinue Reading