Welcome back!  Last week we started a month long discussion on the Doctor/Patient relationship, facilitated by Dr. Deb Roman. This week’s response to her blog comes from Jan Guttormsen.  Jan makes many good points in her blog, and I would bet most of  you can, and will, relate.  Feel freeContinue Reading

Welcome back!  Last month was a great topic: “Mindfulness”  You enjoyed it, and so did we!  A huge thank you to Dr. Laura Rosch for volunteering her precious time, and to our community members for trusting us with your stories.  We appreciate all of you so much. The topic thisContinue Reading

Welcome back!  Last week Dr. Rosch walked us through a couple of mindfulness videos.  Did you get a chance to try them?  If not, click HERE and give them a second look. This week, we visit with our own Executive Director at the Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation, as he tellsContinue Reading

Welcome back!  After a month of looking at Chronic Illness, we learned that taking care of ourselves is very important.  When you are on an airplane, you are instructed to put on your own oxygen mask FIRST, so that you may then help others.  We should be mindful of ourContinue Reading

Welcome back.  Have I thanked you recently for reading us?  Thank you.  Because of you, we have seen amazing things happen.  We have been contacted by other foundations, who have worked with us to form their own blog that combines the expertise of doctors with the life experiences of theirContinue Reading

Welcome back!  Last week, we heard from our Guest DO, Dr. Robert Ellis.  His blog on chronic illness was very informative!  We are lucky to have such knowledgable doctors who volunteer their time to write for us.  So very much appreciated. Our guest DO this week will be Dr. CharlesContinue Reading

Welcome back!  Our topic in January was a hit!  We are so glad you all enjoyed it as much as you did.  This month, we welcome Dr. Robert Ellis. February’s topic is one many of you requested.  We will cover the topic of  “Chronic Illness:  Does being sick mean neverContinue Reading