After more than a years’ effort in the setup, the Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation opened its doors on February 3, 1986. Join us as we celebrate this milestone in serving the public and the osteopathic community of the Northwest.

Honoring Our Past

35 Years Of Scholarship Recipients
Over 20 Years of Honoring Outstanding Osteopathic Physicians
Starting in 1987 and running for 10 years, the Foundation produced a public cable-TV program called Medical Roundtable
Kid Safe was a program for children in the Portland area that ran for the first 13 years of the Foundation’s history.
Foundation Sponsors Groundbreaking Documentary On Family Caregiving
Foundation Celebrates 125th Anniversary with Exhibit at OMSI
The Foundation’s History Begins with Portland Osteopathic Hospital

Focused On Our Future

Learn About Our New Diversity Scholarships!
Osteopathic Public Health Policy Strategic Initiatives
Talk with a Rural Doc Seminars