The Foundation has provided tuition scholarships since the 1986-87 academic year. We want to highlight those recipients and show you how we have invested our scholarship dollars. Come back each week as we feature a new class and highlight the physicians who were supported by the Foundation.


Dr. Jerry Snow

The Foundation gave one scholarship in our first year.
A native Oregonian, Dr. Snow returned to Portland after completing medical school at Des Moines. He currently is a family medicine physician in Milwaukie, OR.




Aaron David DO – Family Medicine, OR
Derek Gedlaman DO – Family Medicine, MT
Wynde Heusch DO – Orthopedic Surgery, WA
Mark Houston DO – Emergency Medicine, OR

Dr. Kaluza is the primary care physician for the Portland Trail Blazers and served the same role for the Portland Timbers for six years.
Karl Kaluza DO – Family and Sports Medicine
Thuy-Tien Le DO – Family Medicine, WA
Shane Maxwell DO – Pain Medicine, ID
David Michalik DO – Pediatric Infectious Disease, CA
John Pham DO – Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, OR
William Resnick DO – Emergency Medicine, AZ

Justin Braukman DO – Anesthesiology, OR
Wynde Cheek DO – Neurology, MT
Stephanie Hansen DO – Hospital Medicine, NV
Adam Gratz DO – Family Medicine, CA
Garth Greenwell DO – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, CA
Amy Kaluza DO – Emergency Medicine, OR
Kurt Leinweber DO – Anesthesiology, WA
Robert Lloyd DO – Radiology, WA
Patricia Manhire DO – Emergency Medicine, FL
Marion McDevitt DO – Emergency Medicine, AK
Carrie Merrill DO – Obstetrics and Gynecology, WY
Chad Mongrain DO – Family Medicine, WA
Jonathan Morgan  DO – Neurosurgery, ID

Dr. Norris is a physician at the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic and serves as the Residency Director for the Sollus Northwest Family Medicine Residency

Katheryn Norris DO – Family Medicine, WA
Rhonda Parker DO – Orthopedics, CO
Rebecca Sellers DO – Family Medicine, WA
Sean Sweeney DO – Neonatology, OR
Albert Ullman DO – Anesthesiology, OR
Christopher Yarber DO – Anesthesiology, WA





Paula Archer DO – ONMM Resident, WV
Amanda Emmert DO – Psychiatry Resident
Patrick Erickson DO – Family Medicine Resident, OR
Marissa Haberlach DO – Emergency Medicine Resident, AZ
Derek McFaul DO – Neurology Resident, CA

Dr. Sideras is a Foundation scholarship success story, having completed her residency and starting her practice right here in the Northwest!
Selena Sideras DO – Family Medicine, OR
Brittney VanAusdol DO – Family Medicine Resident, OR


Christopher Brace DO – Geriatric Medicine, HI
Bradley Christianson DO – Pain Medicine, OK
Herb Meyer DO – Addiction Medicine, NH

Dr. Scherlie is pictured here being recognized by the Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons or Oregon as 2015 Preceptor of the Year
Mark Scherlie DO – Family Medicine, OR
Bernie Sperley DO – Internal Medicine, OR
Gary Zuehlsdorff DO – Internal Medicine, CO


Kamalijit Atwal DO – Critical Care, Pulmonology, and Sleep Medicine, OR
Douglas Ballaine DO – Family Medicine, CA
Maridee Boos DO – Pathology, OH

Dr. Georing is an Assistant Professor of NMM/OMM and Family Medicine at Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific – Northwest in Lebanon, OR
Edward Goering DO – Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, OR
Kevin Heaton DO – Orthopedic Surgery, OR
Therese Hennessy DO – Family Medicine, NE
Loetta Horswill-Woods DO – Internal Medicine, AK
Ethan Kennedy DO – Family Medicine, AZ
Eric Nording DO – Radiology, OR
Edward Clark Riley DO – Emergency Medicine, AZ
Thao Tran DO – Anesthesiology, WA
Bryan Walls DO – Family Medicine, OR
Jeffrey White DO – Family Medicine, WI

Ron Allen DO – Ophthalmology, OR
Daniel Bahnmiller DO – Obstetrics & Gynecology, WA
Larri Ann Bond – Family Medicine, WA
Kathy Chase DO – Family Medicine, OR
Jennifer Collins DO – Family Medicine, OR
Johnny Deblock DO – Family Medicine, OR
Brad Erikson DO – Family Medicine, ID
Wade Fox DO – Emergency Medicine, OR
Theodore Kapanjie DO – Family Medicine, WA
Nathan Levanger DO – Family Medicine, ID
Marc Miller DO – Surgery, IA
Jeffrey Sheedy DO – Orthopedic Surgery, IN
William Snider DO – Family Medicine, MT

Dr. Spencer is the Chief of Staff at Lost Rivers Medical Center in Arco, ID
Danny Spencer DO – Emergency Medicine, ID
Matt Upshaw DO – Family Medicine, OR
Farid Zehtab DO – Surgery, AZ




Venus Azimi DO – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, WA
Alicia Barnes DO – Psychiatry, MO
Brian Boldt DO – Radiology, WA
Stephanie Briney DO – Family Medicine, AZ 
Breanne Brown DO – Family Medicine, OR
Hsiang-Hwa Chen DO – Family Medicine, WA
Mindy Fairbanks DO – Family Medicine, WA
Daniel Fisher DO – Emergency Medicine, SC
Paul Andrew Foster DO – Emergency Medicine, TX

Marika Gassner DO – Trauma Surgeon, OR
Amanda Hall DO – Nephrology, ID
Olga Hernandez DO – Family Medicine, WA
Michael Herndon DO – Emergency Medicine, OR
Jacob Johnson DO – Family Medicine, WY
Marta Johnson-Mitchell DO – Urology, OR
Vanessa Kizzier-Carnahan DO, Internal Medicine, OR
Matthew Larsen DO – Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Jonathan Leischner DO – Emergency Medicine, MI
Robin Meyer DO, Family Medicine, SD
Shari Montandon DO – Allergy, Immunology and Internal Medicine, ID
Brian Orth DO – Emergency Medicine, OR
Kylan Peterson DO – Otolaryngologist, ID
Heber Phillips DO – Emergency Medicine, ID
Benjamin Preiss DO – Emergency Medicine, WA
Alison Putnam DO – Sports Medicine, WA
Sarah Reichert DO, Internal Medicine, TX
Lusana Schutz DO – Emergency Medicine, CA
Daniel Short DO – Internal Medicine, OR
Michael Van Dyke DO – Pediatrician, WA
Leyen Vu DO – Sports Medicine, WA
Elizabeth Windell DO – Surgeon, OR
Deryk Zinser DO – Family Medicine, OR





Miren Asumendi DO – Psychiatry, KY
Thomas Eubanks DO – General Surgery, OR
James Larsen DO – Family Medicine, W
Ronald Newman DO – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, GA
Donald Sawdey DO – Family Medicine, MT





In 2000, the Foundation gave 23 scholarships, including these 8 students from KCUMB picture with Dean Karen Pletz JD and Foundation Executive Director Dennis Lavery
Susan Anderson DO – Otolaryngologist, ID
Shane Andrew DO – Orthopedic Surgeon, ID
Erik Austin DO – Dermatologist, CA
Justin Braukman DO, Anesthesiologist, OR
Jason Burns DO – Radiologist, WA
Mike Henderson DO – Internist, OR
Dawn Hutchinson DO – Internist, WA
Nathan Jacobson DO – Family Medicine, MN
Valerie Johnson DO – unable to locate
Karl Kaluza DO – Family and Sports Medicine
Robert Lloyd DO – Radiology, WA
Matthew Margolis DO – Ophthalmologist, AR
Thomas Meeks DO – General Plastic Surgery, WA
Carrie Merrill DO – Obstetrics & Gynecology, WY
David Michalik DO – Pediatric Infectious Disease, CA
David Naimi DO – Allergy & Immunologist, WA
Kathleen Pelkam DO – Family Medicine, AK
Spencer Rickwa DO – Family Medicine, CA
Rebecca Sellers DO – Family Medicine, WA
Leslie Stevens DO – Family Medicine, OR
Sean Sweeney DO – Neonatology, OR
Michael Whitworth DO – Dermatologist, MI
Christopher Yarber DO – Anesthesiology, WA

Hanly Burton DO – Family Medicine, MT
Tyson Campbell DO – Family Medicine, WA
Rebecca Cleeton DO – Family Medicine, OR
Brant Fonnesback DO – Family Medicine, UT
Matthew Fackrell DO – Family Medicine, ID
Paula Godfrey DO – Emergency Medicine, AK
Jared Heimbigner DO – Radiology, MT
Daniel Knorpp DO – Family Medicine, ID
Laura Kuipers DO – Internal Medicine, OR
Michael Long DO – Hematology, TX
Erin Martin-Weeks DO – Preventive Medicine, OR
Ryan Melvin DO – Cardiology, ID
Jered Mott DO – Pediatric Neurologist, WA
Robert Oatfield DO – General Surgery, WA
Andrew Pearson DO – General Surgery, OR
Blake Pedersen DO – Anesthesiologist, ID
Holly Poag DO – Emergency Medicine, HI

Katina Rue DO – Family Medicine, WA
Among a long list of other accomplishments in medical education and public policy, Dr. Rue is currently serving as President of the Foundation
Sherri Rutherford DO – Family Medicine, WA
Kathryn Saxton DO – Preventative Medicine, CA
Jamie Silflow DO – Family Medicine, OR
Andrew Simonsen DO – Otolaryngology, FL
Cortney Vandenburgh DO – Family Medicine, ID
Katy Wessel DO – Family Medicine and Obstetrics, MT



Douglas Blaty DO – Orthopedic Surgeon, OR
Emma Coleman DO – Internal Medicine, AK
Neal Everson DO – Orthopedic Surgeon, AK
Luke Henderson DO – Thoracic Surgeon, CA
Jacob Jensen, DO – Emergency Medicine, ID
Asha Jetmalani DO – Psychiatrist, OR
Caitlin Molloy DO – Family Medicine, AZ
Krista Rochaunable to locate
Sean Schultz DO – Family Medicine, OR
Cole Southworth DO – Internal Medicine, OR
Maria Tumanik DO – Internal Medicine, OR

Dr. Zielicke had a background in both law enforcement and the military before going to medical school.
Timothy Zielicke DO – Physiatrist, OR