Foundation Celebrated 100 Years of Osteopathic Medicine with a Special Exhibit for the Osteon Museum of Science and Industry

Contemplating a career in osteopathic medicine? This budding osteopathic medical student takes a serious look at the Foundation-funded exhibit at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

When the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) opened the doors to its current location in October of 1992, it unveiled a brand new exhibit funded in part by the Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation.

Concluding three years of planning, the $25,000 exhibit features three components; first, relating to the autonomic nervous system and the body reactions to crises; second, identification of body parts as they relate to the “Transparent Woman”, which has been incorporated into the exhibit; and third, a body book featuring full-color graphic drawings of several systems of the body. Individual models, including skull, pelvis, backbone, hand, and skin completed the exhibit.

The Planning Committee included Chair J. Scott Heatherington DO, Ronald Schultheis DO, M. Tamarin Ring DO; Joan Takacs DO, Robert Lee DO; Myron Beal DO, and Cleon Miller DO.

A plaque on the exhibit acknowledges the Foundation’s gift: “The funding for this exhibit was propvided by the Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation in commemoration of 100 years of osteopathic medicine, 1892-1992.”

The Whole Body Exhibit is still featured at OMSI, making it the longest-lasting exhibit in the museum.