What We Do

Since our inception in 1985, the overriding purpose of the Foundation has been to Advocate for the Principles of Osteopathic Medicine.

All of the programs of the Foundation support this overriding purpose, but we especially use our Founders’ Awards to recognize those physicians that serve as shining examples of these principles.

We provide and support Public Awareness Initiatives that will benefit from the Osteopathic Approach to Medicine.

Wellness Resources
— Produce a Weekly Blog focused on wellness topics that are supported by osteopathic principles.
— Provide live, virtual, and online Wellness Resources that support osteopathic principles to community organizations.
Partner with organizations and activities that promote physicians who are out in the community supporting wellness.

Health Policies
— Provide Osteopathic Physician Resources to organizations that are committed to policies that: improve the health of the community through greater equity in access to healthcare; improve the experience of patients in quality and satisfaction; and, reduce the per capita cost of healthcare.

We Serve Physicians Through Education that teaches and reinforces the Principles of Osteopathic Medicine.

Osteopathic Medical Students
— Fund Tuitions Scholarships to students committed to practicing osteopathic medicine in the NW.
— Host Webinars supporting inter-school learning on topics like rural medical.

Medical Resident Support
— Provide Practical Skills Podcasts on topics like debt management, contract negotiation, and online interviewing skills.

Practicing Physician Education
— Host and Support Educational Seminars for health care professionals serving the unique needs of the LGBTQ+ patient and reinforce the Principles of Osteopathic Medicine.
— Provide Financial Sponsorship of AOA accredited CME for physicians that reinforces the Principles of Osteopathic Medicine.