Why Is This An Important Program?
Polling connected to the upcoming Presidential election suggest that “health care” is the second most important issue in the lives of Americans. Yet most Americans don’t have the ability to hear what doctors think about these issues. This program will give the general population the opportunity to hear from and talk with DOs about wellness and health issues that are important to them. It is important to state clearly this is not a forum for political advocacy. These town hall meetings are educational, not political.
What Does the Town Hall Look Like?
While flexible, the basic concept of the town hall would be to put 3 DOs in front of 50 – 100 people and talk about 3 issues in 2 hours.
Each of the DOs would talk on all three topics. We would expect that while their presentations would be similar, we would hope that they would be unique enough to promote additional dialogue.
What Topics Would Be Covered?
As part of the organizational and registration process, local sponsors and registrants would select the topics to be covered during the town hall. The participating DOs would have a few days to think about how they would respond to the topic.
National polling suggest that most Americans are interested in topics like: single payer healthcare plans; doctor / patient relationships in the future; using tech and apps to achieve and maintain wellness; physicians role in end of life care; web based medical databases; antibiotics and vaccines; medical marijuana; and wellness for an aging population.
What Should I Say?
The Foundation is looking for DOs that will talk to the topic from an osteopathic approach. That is the only criteria we ask from our speakers.
Approach it from this perspective. Assume one of your patients asked you this question during an examination. Without a time constriction, how would your answer the question?
What Will The Foundation Do With The Money?
We would hope that each town hall would generate about $3 to $5 thousand dollars from sponsors and ticket sales. After costs, we will give every dollar raised back into the local community in small “wellness grants” of $500. Any group in the community can apply through an online application process that asks for a short essay on how the group would spend the money to “advance wellness through an osteopathic approach.”
Our DO speaker bureau    members would have input into the selection process and would be the person presenting the checks at the local level. This would be a excellent opportunity to generate local publicity and highlighting osteopathic medicine.
It also reinforces the marketing research done by the AOA on what the public wants to know about osteopathic medicine.
If you are interested in being part of this speakers bureau or would like information about this program, use the join our email list link on the right side of the page.