In 1892, Andrew Taylor Still did the unthinkable when he accepted women and men equally into his new medical school. ‘The Feminine Touch: The Struggle for Equality in Medicine’ showcases the valiant women who rose above adversity in those early years, and includes today’s prominent female DOs who carry on that legacy. Their fight for equality parallels the struggle of osteopathic medicine to be accepted as a valid scientific practice, illuminating how osteopathic medicine developed into the flourishing profession it is today.”

Dr. Still’s First Class
Museum of Osteopathic Medicine, Kirksville, MO

Movie and Panel Discussion
The Foundation is offering to organize a special screening of the film ‘The Feminine Touch: The Struggle for Equality in Medicine’ followed by a panel discussion featuring female osteopathic physicians (DOs) who will comment on the film and answer student’s questions about medicine, medical school, women’s issues and just about anything participants want to ask!

“The feminine touch for equity in medicine is a documentary that displays the resilience of women, and the importance of women in medicine. It was beneficial to showcase this documentary to Portland State, because it allows for a better understanding and grasp for the necessity for not only women in medicine, but women in osteopathic medicine. It was also beneficial in the fact that students at PSU were able to gain an insight on the history of osteopathic medicine, and the foundation it was built on and how the osteopathic field has transformed and grown into what it is today.”  Lalani Lealiiee-Sjoden, President, American Medical Women’s Association, PSU Chapter

Interested In Organizing This Event For Your Group?
The Foundation will supply the film and the panel for the discussion. We would expect you to provide the location with access to the internet and a projector.
Contact David Tate at or 503.263.7878 to schedule your event.