Dr. Molly McCormick To Receive 2020
Rising Star Award

The members of the Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation are pleased to announce that Molly McCormick DO of Boise ID has been selected to receive this year’s Rising Star Award.

Dr. McCormick’s award presentation will be at 6:30 p.m. MOUNTAIN on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23. This will be a zoom meeting available using https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5032637878?pwd=RmtnWlRZSnJFZnR6a1VKK1N1N29pUT09
Meeting ID: 503 263 7878 // Password: Award703

Molly is a family medicine specialist practicing in Kuna, one of the fastest-growing areas in Idaho.

Molly is a 2015 graduate of Western University / College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific – Northwest and a 2018 graduate of the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho.

She is a clinician that provides comprehensive family medicine that embodies the principles of osteopathic medicine. She practices full-spectrum family medicine that includes OMT clinics at our FQHC as well as providing newborn and obstetric hospital care. She takes the time each patient needs no matter the circumstances and never makes them feel rushed. She is offering comprehensive OMM appointments in our rural clinic to patients that would not otherwise be able to seek this type of care. Molly has also made huge strides in care for our refugee population, providing them not only medical and mental health care but also including OMM into their visits furthering their whole body health despite language and cultural barriers.

Molly McCormick DO & family

While not only practicing medicine, Molly has taken extra time to teach at Idaho College of Osteopathic medicine in the OMM lab, mentoring students and helping develop their skills. For the last several years Molly has also been on the board of Osteopathic Physicians of Idaho. She has been an advocate for networking for physicians in the state as well as furthering their representation. She has also worked to help bridge communication between our medical societies in the state. Molly has also been a large driving force in helping us reach osteopathic recognition from the ACGME for the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho. She helps run OMM clinics for residents and medical students as well as provide OMM education for our allopathic residents in the clinic as well as hospital setting.

During this challenging year with Covid, Molly has given up multiple evenings volunteering to help provide medical care at local shelters including offering Covid testing. She has also helped provide medical care for our homeless population recovering from Covid at a local hotel provided for their recovery, making room visits to monitor their progress and ensure their well being.

Not only is Molly a phenomenal teacher, physician and mentor in our community, she is an incredible mom and human. Despite all that she is doing in our medical community, she is there for her 3 young children and husband, who absolutely adore her. She works along her husband to help hand make Christmas presents for the children along with furniture from a tree they cut down in their own backyard! She is an amazing woman, physician, mom, and advocate.

Anything you think we should add about Molly? Just let us know at tate@nwosteo.org.


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    I have been both a patient of Dr Joan and Dr John and have worked for them at their clinic. I can proclaim that they are more than deserving of this award! They are not only great physicians but really fine human beings. They are compassionate, skillful, and very generous with their time and resources. Congratulations!
    James Knight (Movement Therapist in Portland, Oregon)

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    Congratulations! Drs. Joan & John are great examples of osteopathic physicians who are leaders in the profession – not only in how they treat their patients, but in their willingness to share their knowledge in the osteopathic approach to patient care. I continually find myself meeting with students (and now practicing DOs) whom they have inspired. Thanks Drs. Joan & John for all your contributions to the profession, all that you have done for your patients, and your continued involvement as leaders in the profession.

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    This is a great choice for the Scott Heatherington reward. I know them both and they each surely deserve it.
    Dominic Hughes

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    I grew up going to the same Waldorf elementary/high school, Rudolf Steiner School, as John in NY. John and Joan Takacs, DO specialize in Anthroposophically extended medicine as well as Osteopathic medicine; the common thread of Head-Heart-and-Hands weaves together the philosophies and practices of Steiner and Still’s approaches to health and well-being.
    Please give Drs. John and Joan Takacs my congratulations!
    Best regards,
    Hallie Robbins, DO
    Integral Rehabilitation, LLC

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    I have had the honor and the privilege of knowing Doctors Joan and John Takacs for over 25 years.
    Each is an outstanding physician in their own right.
    What should be added to their accolades is that their practice itself is a true center of social healing. The doctors, therapists, and staff create an atmosphere that is at once professional and familial. One feels better just entering their facility. One is assured immediately that one is “in good hands”.
    Doctor John and Dr. Joan Takes are worthy recipients of this award, individually, as an unbeatable team, and for creating a social impulse of invitation, inclusion, and innovation in the field of therapeutic treatment, medical expertise, and human healing.
    Jaimen McMillan, Director
    Spacial Dynamics Institute, NY

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