Drs. John and Joan Takacs To Receive 2020
J. Scott Heatherington DO
Lifetime Achievement Award

On August 26 at 5:00 p.m. the Foundation will be hosting a virtual reception honoring our newest recipients of the lifetime achievement award. You can join this reception by using your zoom application and the meeting ID 5032637878. You can also go to www.zoom.us and use the “Join A Meeting” link in the upper right corner. Enter the meeting ID 5032637878.

Joan Takacs DO is a graduate of Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine where her grandfather was a student of A.T. Still. Upon completion of her rotating internship, she went back to Kirksville as a member of the OMM faculty before her Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency.
Dr. Takacs came to Portland to develop and run the inpatient rehabilitation unit at Eastmoreland hospital while also maintaining an outpatient practice.
Throughout her entire career, she has been dedicated to helping find better treatment success for patients with musculoskeletal injuries.
Besides her daily practice, Joan gives back to the community in many ways. She works with medical students and residents and allows local high school students to shadow her at the clinic. She is a volunteer at the Portland Waldorf school helping both students and faculty. She also supports the Oregon Medical Authority’s Worker’s Compensation Board.
The nomination form for this award asks for “anything else you want to be considered in this nomination”, the answer was simple: Dr. John Takacs is one of the fairest humans I know. She is real, human, humble, and approachable making her an excellent candidate for the Founders’ Award. We agree 100%!

A future DO, thank in part to Dr. Joan Takacs

If you are from the Portland area, here is one additional bit of trivia about Dr. Joan Takacs.
If you have ever been to OMSI, then you have probably seen “The Whole Body” exhibit, or what we called the invisible woman. Opening in October 1992, this is OMSI’s longest-running exhibit.
The exhibit still has the plaque that says, “The funding for this exhibit was provided by the Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation in commemoration of 100 years of osteopathic medicine.” Dr. Takacs was a Foundation Board member and part of the planning committee that made this exhibit possible.

John Takacs DO has a passion for the mechanical. He came to osteopathic medicine after receiving a degree in Mechanical Aerospace Engineering from Cornell. After meeting his wife Joan, he graduated from Kirksville College of Medicine and moved to Portland to do his internship at Eastmoreland Hospital.
Dr. Takacs is board certified in both Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulation and has been in practice since 1986 and at his current clinic for over 25 years. With an emphasis on supporting structural integrity and movement mechanics, he becomes a patient’s ally in dealing with their medical condition.
John is also the chairman of the organization “Hands in Peace.” Their mission is to build peace among diverse communities through festivals are more than just educational or athletic, but rather are true peacebuilding experiences.
John takes medical students and even high school students into the clinic to give them an exposure to osteopathic medicine.
From his nomination, we especially like this quite: Dr. John is able to give care as well as teach patients how to care for themselves. That makes him a great recipient of this award!

Anything you think we should add about John and Joan? Just let us know at tate@nwosteo.org.

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    I have been both a patient of Dr Joan and Dr John and have worked for them at their clinic. I can proclaim that they are more than deserving of this award! They are not only great physicians but really fine human beings. They are compassionate, skillful, and very generous with their time and resources. Congratulations!
    James Knight (Movement Therapist in Portland, Oregon)

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    Congratulations! Drs. Joan & John are great examples of osteopathic physicians who are leaders in the profession – not only in how they treat their patients, but in their willingness to share their knowledge in the osteopathic approach to patient care. I continually find myself meeting with students (and now practicing DOs) whom they have inspired. Thanks Drs. Joan & John for all your contributions to the profession, all that you have done for your patients, and your continued involvement as leaders in the profession.

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    This is a great choice for the Scott Heatherington reward. I know them both and they each surely deserve it.
    Dominic Hughes

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    I grew up going to the same Waldorf elementary/high school, Rudolf Steiner School, as John in NY. John and Joan Takacs, DO specialize in Anthroposophically extended medicine as well as Osteopathic medicine; the common thread of Head-Heart-and-Hands weaves together the philosophies and practices of Steiner and Still’s approaches to health and well-being.
    Please give Drs. John and Joan Takacs my congratulations!
    Best regards,
    Hallie Robbins, DO
    Integral Rehabilitation, LLC

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    I have had the honor and the privilege of knowing Doctors Joan and John Takacs for over 25 years.
    Each is an outstanding physician in their own right.
    What should be added to their accolades is that their practice itself is a true center of social healing. The doctors, therapists, and staff create an atmosphere that is at once professional and familial. One feels better just entering their facility. One is assured immediately that one is “in good hands”.
    Doctor John and Dr. Joan Takes are worthy recipients of this award, individually, as an unbeatable team, and for creating a social impulse of invitation, inclusion, and innovation in the field of therapeutic treatment, medical expertise, and human healing.
    Jaimen McMillan, Director
    Spacial Dynamics Institute, NY

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