Life Skill Workshops for Physicians in GME Programs

Life Skills – An Investment In Your Greatest Asset

Added as a new program in celebration of our 35th Anniversary, the Foundation will be providing six life skill workshops each year to support medical residents as they transition into practice.

Seminar One (July) – Getting The Job You Want
It’s about more than the money! Join us as we focus on a variety of skills, including contract negotiation, interviewing, and what to consider besides salary, like quality-of-life and other topics.

Seminar Two (September) – Women, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Physicians Entering the Workplace
This workshop will focus on the unique opportunities and challenges faced by these physicians and the resources available to support them moving forward.

Seminar Three (November) – Financial and Money Topics
This will be a Q&A workshop that will focus on student loan debt, investing, buying a home, retirement, and more.

Workshop Four (January) – Work / Life Balance
Join us as we feature physicians that have “been there, done that” in the struggles of balancing work, ongoing education, marriage, kids, aging parents, divorce, etc., and some suggestions on how to keep it all in perspective.

Workshop Five (March) – What If???
“I’ve made it this far, but now I’m not sure this is what I really want to do with my life.” If this sounds like you, this is the workshop for you!

Workshop Six (May) – Practice Management
Join us as we talk with physicians that have recent experience starting or taking over a practice and hear what they have to say about the experience.