Based on our mission of “advancing wellness through the osteopathic approach,” these initiatives and programs are reviewed periodically by the Foundation membership and help give the Board of Directors and staff a vision of what is important to the Foundation for the next 3 to 5 years.

  • Membership and Endowment Growth – ensuring the Foundation remains strong as the osteopathic profession continues to expand in the Northwest.
  • Community Wellness Townhalls – following our long tradition of educating the general population on wellness and healthcare from an osteopathic perspective.
  • Founders’ Evening – continuing the tradition of recognizing the very best of osteopathic medicine throughout the region! Held in conjunction with the NW Wellness Conference.
  • State Association and CME Support – supporting our osteopathic physicians and their commitment to staying current with the best practices in osteopathic medicine
  • Board Development – committed to having a strong and diverse Board committed to our mission of “advancing wellness through the osteopathic approach.”

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