Five Things To Do Before You Start Your Application


Download the application worksheet {General} {Student of Color} {LGBTQ+} for the application and any supplemental applications you will be submitting. This gives you a chance to see everything in the application before you start.


Start with the Letter(s) of Recommendation. You can ask anyone you want to write your recommendation, so choose carefully. Give the author plenty of time to think about the question “why would you select this student to be your physician?” and submit a great letter on your behalf. Unfortunately, we have received some recommendations that were just “cut and paste” form letters. Make sure the Foundation has received your recommendation letter(s) by April 15.


Write a script for your 90-second selfie video. (See item 5 to better understand your audience.) You might or might not actually read it when you record, but it gives you a good idea of what you want to say and how you want to say it. Fancy production won’t help and could hurt if we believe you can’t follow instructions. Don’t forget to make it an unlisted YouTube video.


Write your essays in a word processing program, then cut and paste them into the application. A good program can help with counting characters (2600 max), spelling, grammar, etc. AND you have the bonus of not losing your work if something happens before your application is submitted.


Give some thought to who will be reviewing your application. Most of them will be DOs, and most of them are not full-time medical school faculty. Many have been preceptors, but not all of them. It’s best to think about them as professional colleagues who are interested in knowing you as a professional colleague.